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Membership in the International Association for Energy Economics is open to anyone worldwide who has an interest in the fields of energy or energy economics. Our membership consists of those working in both the public and private sectors including government, academic and commercial. Our current member base consists of 3900+ members in over 85 nations, with 28 nations having local affiliate organization. To renew your membership in IAEE click here. To renew your membership in IAEE click here.

You may join/renew IAEE membership through a national affiliate, or directly to IAEE should you live in a country where an affiliate is not present. When joining an affiliate of IAEE, dues may be collected by the affiliate, in addition to dues collected by IAEE. IAEE affiliate dues are $110 (USD) a year for those wishing to receive both "The Energy Journal" and the "IAEE Newsletter". Membership in IAEE must be renewed on an annual basis, and is billed annually.

Direct membership costs $120 (USD) and is collected by IAEE. This includes a subscription to The Energy Journal, Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy, Energy Forum (newsletter) and access to the IAEE Membership Directory. If you reside outside of the USA, membership dues to the IAEE do not include membership in any local country IAEE Affiliate. Follow this link for our full membership brochure.

As a student, you may join IAEE through either one of the above categories at a discount. Students receive the same benefits as non-student members, along with the added benefit of making new connections to established members of the field. Students may also compete in the IAEE student paper award at help at each IAEE sponsored conference, which awards the author of the best paper a $1,000 (USD) prize. For more information on becoming a student member of IAEE, visit the student member's section of our site.

Institutional membership is a special classification for companies or organizations that sponsor IAEE. You can follow this link or select institutional membership on the navigation bar to the left if you wish to learn more about this plan, and see other companies that have helped IAEE grow over the years.

Members of all types carry the right to vote and to hold office as a member of the IAEE Council. Please refer to our election rules for more information. Dues are nonrefundable and memberships are nontransferable. For a complete listing of IAEE Products and Services click here.

As a member of IAEE, we publish your contact information in our online membership directory as well as our menbership directory pdf file. These resources are available to other IAEE members.

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